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How To Reduce Belly Fat

How To Reduce Belly Fat
Tapp Staff

How To Reduce Belly Fat
By Jen Jones

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter our age, profession or our good intentions. Many of us have noticed something creeping up on us over the last little while (maybe years?), and it just might be tied to Aunt Gertrude’s famous brownie sundaes! Unfortunately, those fabulous brownie sundaes can tend to settle in a very visible spot – the belly. It’s uncomfortable, makes our clothes stretch, and oftentimes seems to sneak up on us when we’re looking the other way. While there are common problems that arise from this sneaky squatter, like slowly needing to purchase a whole new wardrobe, belly fat is an unhealthy housemate and should not be treated lightly.

How to reduce belly fat is your number one job if you find yourself in this predicament. No judgments here, this is all about your health. You don’t want to shorten your life by even a millisecond. You’ve got too much to do and too many people to be awesome around! We need you!

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by information overload. Thank you, Internet. But don’t. Common sense will guide you as you traverse this minefield. When you’re reading an article about how you can eat anything you want and still lose weight, just engage your common-sense-bone and quietly click “next.” The only time that advice EVER works is if the things included in “eating anything you want” are the likes of dark leafy greens, vegetables and don’t include sugar and MSG!

Let me teach you what to look for when you’re researching programs that will give you consistent, reliable results. When you want to change your lifestyle, there are only a few things I want you to look for.

Look At the Designer

If you are going to be following the advice of someone you have never met that has designed a fitness program of some kind, you want to make sure they have credentials. This doesn’t mean that they have to have some super high degree. But it does mean that you want them to have some reason they are an expert in their field. Do they know and understand nutrition? Fitness? Weight loss? Take the time to find out how they know what they know. Otherwise, they might not know any more than you do.

Common Sense Is the Kicker

Before you make any purchase, read through all the material provided. Your common sense buzzer will go off if you see claims like “lose weight without changing a thing!” Use what you already know to weed out the bad from the good. You don’t want to waste your hard earned money.

Do They Offer Freebies?

I don’t expect you to find something for nothing. But the idea here is, how much value do they give you on their sales page? Anything provided there is free advice because you haven’t become a customer yet, you’re still browsing. If they give you valuable information for free, chances are they will over deliver once you’re on the inside.

How To Reduce Your Stubborn Belly Fat

So, back to our original question: how to reduce belly fat? I’m sure you’ve figured out by now that there is an exercise program that fits all our criteria. It was developed by an exercise physiologist, nutritional counselor and savvy businesswoman. She worked in the international modeling industry, and was known for being able to nurture awkward teenagers into moneymaking models. Of course I am talking about Teresa Tapp, innovator of the T-Tapp System.

As far as common sense goes, Teresa’s claims are outrageous. And true. She can guarantee an inch off the hips or waist after a week of her full body workout! When you read through the science behind the movements, you will see that what she has implemented in her workouts makes sense. Less really is more! Yeehaw!

Our final criteria is freebies. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Try Before You Buy. Teresa actually gives you an opportunity to check out what T-Tapp is all about by trying out some of the exercises before you make a purchase. This is a good chance to see what awaits you inside T-Tapp. And I can assure you, you will be extremely happy with your results.

So all the work has been done for you. T-Tapp has been run through our rigorous testing criteria and come out on top! Get started reducing your belly fat today, and let us know how it’s going in the comments below.


Jen Jones is passionate about healthy weight loss and living life to the fullest. Register for a personalized wellness consultation, or sign up for more great advice here, where extreme wellness is sexy!

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